Our services

We provide government organisations with comprehensive and efficient financial and HR administration services.

We promote smooth public administration

Palkeet provides the government organisations with financial and HR administration services using standardised systems and processes. Meeting the needs of our customers as fully as possible is our number one priority. This is why we invest in comprehensive development and concept design in collaboration with our customers. The result is a highly polished operating model that supports everyday financial administration and HR operations.

The standard services are available to all customers, based on the state administration’s instructions and principles. Extra services can be commissioned separately and the specifics are always negotiated together with the client.

We build services for the government’s limited company and corporate customers according to their needs. Our customer base includes units operating under the leadership and supervision of Parliament, state-owned businesses and limited companies that are majority owned by the government and produce services under statutory provisions.

We provide our customers with expert support for using the system and also ensure user rights management.

HR services

We provide our customers with versatile HR administration services. We handle payroll calculation tasks, manage employment relationships and support our customers with recruitment. Smooth services and expert support for travellers help our customers increase the efficiency of their travel management arrangements. Our competence management services support our customers in taking a training-oriented approach to work and developing their work communities.

We pay the salary of roughly 80,000 government employees and process about 0.3 million travel invoices each year. Our HR services employ payroll, service and travel specialists, for example.

Financial services

We provide our customers with access to comprehensive and efficient financial administration services. Our financial specialists reliably handle invoicing, income bank statement processing and collection tasks for our customers. We process about 1.2 million purchase invoices and 0.6 million sales invoices each year.

Our chief accountants handle tasks related to our customers’ accounting. We also prepare financial statements for 70 accounting units and funds as well as eight limited company and corporate customers.

Expert services

We enable our customers to use information in a versatile manner in daily work tasks. Our expert services include reporting and analysing financial and HR data to support information-based decision-making and management.

Our smart automation services help customers to streamline processes and tasks. We utilise about 120 software robots, which are maintained and developed by our automation specialists.