Developing together

We develop the government’s financial and HR administration solutions together with our networks.

Kaksi henkilöä pitämässä palaveria neuvotteluhuoneessa.

Development and reinvention

A goal-oriented approach, capacity for implementation, cooperation, the ability to work through networks and continuous learning are all required for an organisation to succeed. From the very beginning, Palkeet has been the result of co-development, providing support during administrative reforms.

The development roadmap for 2021–2026 determines the direction of the development of the solutions and services of the Finnish government’s finance and HR administration operations. We are living in a changing world, which is why it is necessary to examine the set guidelines on an annual basis and make the necessary prioritisations and updates.

The roadmap accounts for the strategic decisions related to the government’s shared processes and operating models as well as the starting points for the lifecycles of various services. The roadmap is implemented through projects and continuous development. The implementation process of the roadmap is specified and updated each year.

In addition to project output, the work has also yielded various project-specific accounts, final reports and lessons learned that benefit the execution of the roadmap and development efforts.

The focuses of the government’s financial and HR administration arrangements for 2022–2026 have been prepared together with customers, the State Treasury and the Ministry of Finance, and they have been processed by the Palkeet customer committee.