Our contact information

We mainly serve customers on weekdays during the hours 8:00–16:15. The exceptions are shorter service hours on the eves of mid-week holidays and in July.

For government employees

At Palkeet, we serve government employees in matters related to salary payment and travel.

Employee counselling service

You can submit a Pointti service request with us. Through Pointti, you can also contact our experts via chat. If you cannot submit a Pointti request, the employee counselling service is available on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:15 on +358 (0)2955 64050. Go to Pointti.

If you employment relationship has ended or you are on a leave of absence or retired, please contact your employer’s HR contact person.

Delivery times for documents related to salary payment

At Palkeet, we process and check your pay information to make sure that you get the right amount of pay in your bank account at exactly the right time. The preparation of salary payments takes from two to three weeks, so please provide all of the requisite information according to the salary payment schedule.

Tax cards through MyTax

Tax cards are electronically transferred from MyTax to payroll at Palkeet. Revised tax card needs to be created in MyTax according to the salary payment schedule, in order to be used from the desired payment date in the salary and wage payment schedule.

For example, for the payment date 15 March 2024, you would need to have a revised tax card created in MyTax by 16:15 on 29 February 2024.

Tax card directly to Palkeet

The personnel at the Finnish Defence Forces must still submit tax card to Palkeet via Pointti.

If you have a trade income or tax-at-source tax card, or you are a non-resident taxpayer, you must still submit your tax card to Palkeet yourself.

The salary payment schedule: Salary payment days and information delivery days for 2024 (pdf, in Finnish).

Travel service

Matkalaskut@palkeet.fi or by telephone +358 (0)2955 62730 (weekdays 8:00–16:15). You can also submit a Pointti service request or use the Pointti chat service.

For contact persons

General instructions and materials for the contact persons of customer agencies can be found in the Paletti extranet. You can obtain Paletti access rights through Pointti.

Instructions related to systems and services are available through Pointti.

Go to Pointti.

Log in to PalettiLogin for security authorities

For limited company and corporate customers

Service channels for limited company and corporate customers:

Email: yrityspalvelut@palkeet.fi

Telephone: +358 (0)29 556 4444 (weekdays 8:00–15:00)

Handi for suppliers

All government accounting units use the Handi Service. Palkeet provides government accounting units with centralised services for the Handi service.

Handi support service for suppliers

Service hours Mon–Fri 8:00–16:15, Finnish time
Handi customer service +358 (0)2955 64060

How do the suppliers see the Handi Service?

The suppliers can use a supplier portal, which includes the following:

  • Catalogue maintenance functions
  • Order viewing
  • Invoicing facility (excl. private persons)
  • Invoice phase monitoring
  • Interaction with the customer, including price and availability queries

Suppliers also have technical opportunities for integrating with the service as described below:

  • a PunchOut interface to the supplier’s online store
  • delivering an order message to the supplier’s sales system, delivering an order by email to an address mutually agreed upon.

User support for the Handi Service

The accounting unit notifies Palkeet of any new suppliers. Palkeet is responsible for the supplier register maintenance operations and the Handi service. Palkeet is responsible for the user support provided to suppliers.

Supplier registration for the Handi Service

Palkeet invites suppliers to register for the Handi Service supplier portal, at the request of the accounting units. The supplier must provide the customer agency’s contact person with an email address to which Palkeet then sends the login link for the supplier portal. After receiving the registration link, the new supplier must enter the requested information on their company and users. The Services Centre activates and approves the supplier as a portal user. The login link in the portal invite will remain valid for 96 hours. If the link has expired, Palkeet can send a new link by request.

Suppliers already registered for the portal can log in directly via the link.

Log in to the supplier portal.

Product catalogues

TSuppliers can submit online product catalogues in the Handi Service:

  • by supplying an Excel product catalogue template to the customer agency,
  • by means of an external product catalogue, i.e. PunchOut interface, or
  • by maintaining the product catalogue in the supplier portal.

The construction of a new PunchOut/interface is started by setting up a launching meeting with the Services Centre, supplier, and the accounting unit.

Monitoring and support of the invoice automation

Palkeet is responsible for the automation related to government invoice processing, and the related monitoring. If an invoice is not automatically allocated to an order or contract, the Services Centre will find out why. If the invoice contains errors or insufficient information, Palkeet contacts the supplier directly to correct the errors.

Invoice requirements:

  • To facilitate invoice automation, invoices must always contain the government order number or the contract number.

Instructions for suppliers

The central government will only accept e-invoices complying with the European Standard. E-invoices are a prerequisite for automating financial administration.

The link below provides more detailed instructions. Information on the requirements regarding the content and delivery of the invoice is provided on the tabs Application instructions for public administration and EN16931 instructions and Minimum information content on an invoice.

Please see the government’s e-invoicing instructions on the State Treasury’s website.

In individual matters regarding an invoice, you can obtain instructions from the organisation you wish to invoice. The up-to-date e-invoicing instructions for government agencies can be found in the list of e-invoicing addresses on the Tieke website.

UNSPSC table

The Handi Service uses the UNSPSC taxonomy, which is updated at regular intervals.

For citizens

Enquiries about court legal costs:

  • Email: oikeudenkayntikustannukset@palkeet.fi
  • Telephone: +358 (0)2955 62990 (weekdays 8:00–16:15, July 8:00–15:00)

Calls will be charged at the local, mobile or SMS rate agreed with the caller’s operator only.

For media

Enquiries: viestinta@palkeet.fi

Invoicing address

We accept purchase invoices as e-invoices:

EDI code:

Posti Messaging Oy operator ID:

Business ID:

The central government will only accept e-invoices complying with the European Standard.

More information on government e-invoicing is available on the State Treasury website.



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