More effective together

Our vision highlights cooperation and reflects continuous development.

Together we are more effective

Our vision is to be more effective together. Our vision highlights cooperation and reflects continuous development. Shared choices and clear goals and objectives steer our operations. We promote joint development and cooperation with our strategic stakeholders. Effectiveness is a prerequisite for success and competitiveness as well as an enabler of change. Effectiveness obliges Palkeet to engage in systematic, insightful and committed operations.

Our three strategic focuses

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In addition to being a modern and valued community of experts, we are a competent and continuously learning service centre. We are constantly developing our expertise to meet the needs of both the present and the future.

Customers at the heart of operations

We operate close to the customer and our operations have been built around strong customer understanding. Our customer service is excellent, we receive good feedback and we are known for good service. Customers feel that the systems we offer are user-friendly and our services meet their needs. Together with our customers, we improve the functionality and effectiveness of end-to-end processes.

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Promoting digitalisation

We utilise modern and increasingly cloud-based service solutions in the provision of services. We promote the interoperability of information and real-time operations in financial and HR administration as well as opening financial information resources to customers.

Our values

Our day-to-day activities are guided by values and shared work methods, mutual respect and trust. Enthusiastic and skilled employees support our success. We operate in an agile manner in a changing operating environment and develop our activities and competence together. This combination makes it possible for us to realise our vision.

Equality and non-discrimination

We have prepared an equality and non-discrimination plan to support the achievement of strategic goals and promote good governance and work well-being. We want to provide a workplace that ensures everyone’s well-being, continued successes and the achievement of the set goals. We monitor and measure the fulfilment of the plan each year and take necessary measures. Promoting equality and non-discrimination is the right and responsibility of each Palkeet employee.

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